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When Moving a KB Article Priority is not Displayed and Select is not a Button.



      When moving a KB Article, the priority of the Article is displayed along with the parent folder, but there is no label to indicate what this field is displaying.

      Also, you set the target new parent Folder by clicking a hyperlink. In other parts of portal (including elsewhere in KB) selecting a folder is a button that says "select".

      1. Navigate to Admin > Content > Knowledge Base.
      2. Add Folder 1.
      3. Add Article 1.
      4. Add Folder 2.
      5. Navigate to Folder 1.
      6. Move Article 1 into Folder 2.

      Expected Result:
      There is a select button under parent. Also the field that displays the priority is labeled and the user can easily tell what they are editing.

      Actual Result:
      There is just a link to select parent folder. The priority field is displayed but there is no label for what is being displayed/edited.




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