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KB Display won't display the configured Folders/Articles in specific situations


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      If you edit the KB Display to display a certain article, navigate to a different article, and then configure the portlet. The page will get stuck and won't refresh to the correct article unless you navigate away from the page.

      This occurred while following these steps:
      Add portlet

      1. Add page - KB Display.
      2. Add KB Display protlet.

      Add articles

      1. Navigate to Admin > Content > Knowledge Base.
      2. Add Folder 1.
      3. Add Article 1.
      4. Add Article 2.
      5. Add Article 3.
      6. Add Article 4.
      7. Navigate to Home
      8. Add Folder 2.
      9. Add Article 1.

      Configure portlet for article 4 in folder 1

      1. Navigate to the KB Display page.
      2. Configure the portlet to display Folder 1, Article 4. It will default the display to this article when loaded.
      3. Save.
      4. Refresh the page. Assert Folder 1, Article 4 displays.

      Navigate to different article, then enter configuration and set a different folder

      1. Navigate to Folder 1, Article 1 using the side navigation.
      2. Assert Article 1 displays.
      3. Go to Configuration, under 'Article or Folder' Select Folder 2.
      4. Save.
      5. Close the configuration.
      6. Assert Folder 2 does not display and it stays on Folder 1.

      Expected Result:
      The KB Display updates and displays the configured folder

      Actual Result:
      The KB Display will only display the default folder and doesn't display the configured folder/article.

      The workaround to correct the portlet display is to navigate off of the page and then navigate back to the page. Refreshing the page will not correct the issue.




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