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None of the suggested template code in the palette editor should cause console errors



      Currently a user can go through these steps and run in to a console error:

      1. Add RSS (or AP) portlet to a page
      2. Click the gear > Configuration
      3. Under the Display Template dropdown, click 'Manage Display Templates for Liferay'
        • Add a new ADT Template with the required *RSS Feeds lines
        • Click to add the 'Portlet Preferences' line
        • Save and close the iframe
        • Select the new ADT Template
        • Save the changes to RSS configuration, and close the iframe

      Expected result:
      RSS will display with the new template setting and not throw any errors.

      Actual result:
      The RSS display indicates error lines and displays lines of the ADT template code, and console throws the following error:

      Possible solution:
      The template palette editor should only suggest lines that will work when rendered, and without any related console errors. I've boxed in green, below, the lines I'm talking about.


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