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As a site administrator, when tags are paginated I can merge tags that are located on different pages in the Asset Tags Admin portlet


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      Let's say you have 500 tags in your portal and want to merge two tags. At the moment you would go to control panel on the tags administration, mark both tags and click on actions>merge. However, this is impossible if both tags are on different pages of the portlet. If you mark the first tag, select another page and mark the second tag, the first one is automatically unmarked.

      To solve this, Liferay will provide a tags selector, so the site administrator can choose which tags to merge, independently of the page where they are located.

      Steps to test this user story:

      • Add at least 6 tags in the control panel > tags portlet
      • Make sure you have at least two pages of tags
      • Check one or several tags in page 1
      • Click on Actions > Merge
      • A view is presented with a tag selector containing the tags that where checked, and a dropdown containing the same tags
      • Click on the choose button and select the tag from page 2 (it can also be done by writing the tag directly in the tag selector)
      • The tag will be added to the tag dropdown so it can be chosen as the "merge into tag"
      • Press merge

      Expected behavior: with the tags selector, tags from different pages can be merged
      Current behavior: only tags in the current page can be merged.


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