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Staging fails to restore documents that are lost on the file system



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a document library portlet to a page
      2. Upload a document to the site
      3. Check the Liferay data/document_library folder to confirm the upload location of the uploaded file, which is the location of the file in the live site
      4. Enable staging
      5. Delete the file on the file system located in step 3 to simulate data that is lost on the live site (could be due to file system corruption or even past Liferay bugs)
      6. Navigate to the staging site and choose to Publish to Live
      7. Switch the Content section to "Choose Content" and change the date range to "All".
      8. Publish the content.
      9. Navigate to the document library portlet and attempt to download the file from the live site.

      Expected behavior is that the full content republish is able to restore the missing file on the file system. Actual behavior is that the file remains inaccessible even after the full content republish.


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