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Page Type "Link to URL" or "Link to a Page of This Site" cannot be moved as first Child page



      Reproduction Steps:

      1) Go to Admin>Site Administration>Site Pages
      2) Under Public Pages>Welcome add a childpage called URLPage of type "Link to URL"
      3) Click on Welcome and then click again on Add Child Page
      4) Add a page called PlainPage of no specific type. Observe URLPage is the first child under "Welcome"
      5) Drag and Drop PlainPage under Welcome so that it becomes the first child of "Welcome": operation will succeed
      7) Drag and Drop again URLPage under Welcome to be the first child:

      Expected: The operation to succeed
      Actual behavior: Error on UI (message falling from top of the page): "The first page cannot be of type Link to URL.". After some second, the banner will go up again and disappear.

      Same happens if instead of creating URLPage we create a page of type Link to a Page of This Site and follow the above reproduction steps.


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