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Input_localized field doesn't gets initialized with the users language ID



      If the user's display language differs that of the portal's, a localized input field will initially receive the value in the portal's language. Only after the flag corresponding to the users language is clicked, will the value for that language be filled in.

      The problem is that the focus will not be drawn to the Input_localized field the the user starts typing.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Place Calendar portlet on the Welcome page.
      2. Click Add Event, fill in Title and Description, and give an end date&time before the start date&time.
      3. Save. You get the validation message about the dates and the Title and Description fields retain their content.
      4. Change your display language (My Account/Display Settings) and try to add an event in the same way.

      Result: the two fields lose their content
      Expected: they should not lose their content


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