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Unable to add message board attachment via JSON



      Unable to add message board attachment via JSON

      Changed the JSONWS API. New steps to reproduce/test:
      1. Start Liferay and login as admin
      2. Go to

      groupId: groupId of Guest group
      categoryId: 0
      subject: any string
      body: any string
      fileName: any valid file name with file type
      file: any file
      3. Go to Site Administration > Message Boards

      Expected results: Results tab shows the MBMessage created. Navigate to Site Administration > Message Boards. It should contain the MBMessage with the file attached.


      Old steps, not applicable!
      Steps to reproduce/Testing done
      # Start Liferay and login as admin
      # Go to {domain}


        • groupId: Enter the Site ID located in the Site Settings
        • categoryId: 0
        • Subject: Any string
        • Body: Any string
        • Format: html
        • inputStreamOVPs: [ {key: 'fileName.txt', value: [84,104,105,115,32,105,115,32,97,32,116,101,115,116,32,116,101,120,116,32,102,105,108,101,46]}


        • Anonymous: Any boolean value
        • Priority: 0
        • allowPingbacks: Any boolean value
      1. Hit Invoke
      2. Receive the following error:
        "Unable to convert to type: com.liferay.portal.kernel.util.ObjectValuePair"

      If inputStreamOVPs is set to:
      The post submits successfully.

      To verify if the attachment has been uploaded successfully:

      1. Go to Site Administration and click on "Message Boards" under "Content"
      2. Click on the title of the message boards entry
      3. Click on the attachment (should have the name fileName.txt for the example inputStreamOVPs above)
      4. For the example above, verify that the contents are "This is a test text file."

      Results of Testing
      Expected behavior: The message board post and attachment is added
      Actual behavior: An error is returned and the post and attachment is not added

      "Unable to convert to type: com.liferay.portal.kernel.util.ObjectValuePair"

      Reproduced in trunk? Unable to test; the JSON api has changed ( 66aed56d5b2e1b93d20660fb44b4316f7f0107ef)
      Reproduced in branch? Yes, "jodd.typeconverter.TypeConversionException" (1df12fe8e3e51d564926c8a86b4486fd3ee17589)


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