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Calendar - Javascript error while drag & drop in Resources Availability section


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    • 6.2.X EE, 7.0.0 M3, 7.0.0 M4
    • 7.0.0 Beta 6
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      When one drags the placeholder event in the Invitations section, the start and end times of the event should be updated. It is not happening; instead, we get JavaScript errors.

      Steps to reporoduce

      1. Add calendar to a page.
      2. Open the browser's console.
      3. Click on "Add event".
      4. Observe the start and end times.
      5. Go to the "Invitations" section.
      6. Look for the white event with a dashed line:
      7. Drag it to another hour or day.
      8. Drop it.
      9. Click on the dropped event.
      10. Check the start and end times again.

      Expected results

      1. The start and end times would be updated.
      2. No error would happen.

      Actual results

      1. The start and end times are not updated.
      2. Errors appear on the console.


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