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Unable to import site page LAR file due to dependencies from an unrelated site



      Given that we generate a LAR file from one site which contains a public page with an Asset Publisher portlet (Site A), and a different site on the same environment contains a structure which is linked to a template (Site B), importing the LAR file of the Public Pages (generated from Site A) into a new bundle will result in an error indicating that the Portal is unable to import the LAR file due to a missing the structure dependency from the other site (Site B).
      The file Public_Pages-201502032216.lar cannot be imported.
      There are missing references that could not be found in the current site. Please import the following elements first:
      Dynamic Data Mapping Structure: Structure on Site B(Referenced by a Portlet: Asset Publisher)
      This should not be the case, as the Asset Publisher's scope indicates that it will only gathering information from Site A, and not Site B. Also, we are only importing Site A's content.
      Steps to reproduce:
      On server 1 :
      1. Create 2 blank sites called "Site A" and "Site B"
      2. On site B, create a new web content structure called "Structure on site B"
      3. On site B, create a template for the structure.
      4. On site A, add a page, then add an Asset Publisher to that page.
      5. Edit the Asset Publisher configuration, change any settings and save.
      6. Export the pages of site A, keeping all options to their default values.
      On server 2 :
      7. Create a new blank site
      8. Import the lar file exported form server 1 to that site
      Expected Result:
      Nothing in the Asset Publisher's configuration is referencing the "Structure on site B", the lar file should import without issues.
      Actual Results:
      the import fails. The error message states that the lar file is missing the referenced structure "Structure on site B" from the portlet Asset Publisher
      commit f6b3d31897e82d7d796bacf384dbaeee33bcf32b
      commit 188d32a4cbaf46497688111873cd972a685ea2da


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