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Asset Publisher does not show assets to guest users when configured to display by tags



      Issue: Asset Publisher does not Display Assets with Tags added after creation

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Navigate to Site Administration > Site Content > Web Content
      2. Create new basic web content called test.
      3. Navigate to Site Administration > Site Content > Tags
      4. Create a Tag called tag
      5. Edit the test Web Content and associate it with the Tag created in Step 4.
      6. Add an Asset Publisher to the Front Page.
      7. Sign out and see that Guest User can view it
      8. Sign back in and have the Asset Publisher filter by the Tag added in Step 1. Note that the Administrator can see the Web Content article.
      9. Sign out again

      Expected Result: Guest Users can see the Asset Publisher with the Web Content article
      Actual Result: Guest Users cannot see the Web Content

      • Another very important scenario to reproduce: *
      1. Create several tags
      2. Create another user
      3. Create a site role called "Tags Admin" and assign it to this user
      4. Give this role permission to "access in Site Administration" and "View" the Tags App
      5. Login with this use, go to Tags Administration --> Verify this user can not delete tags (he will see an error message)
      6. Give this role permission to Delete Tags
      7. Login with this use, go to Tags Administration --> Verify this user can now delete tags


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