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Recent Download portlet disappears when clicking on categories



      1. Have a category navigation portlet, an asset publisher portlet, and a Recent Downloads portlet on a private page
      2. Create a vocabulary and 2 categories on the site
      3. Load 2 documents into the document and media library and assign them to different categories
      4. Configure category navigation portlet to only display the one vocabulary that was created for this site
      5. Click on a category to display documents with that category in the asset publisher portlet
      6. Click on a few of the documents to download them so they will show up in the recent downloads portlet when the page is refreshed
      7. Refresh the page and see that the documents are displayed in the recent downloads portlet
      8. Click on one of the documents in the recent downloads portlet to view that document
      9. Click again on one of the categories to display the documents in that category in the asset publisher
      10. The recent downloads portlet disappears and the following message is logged (You may need to refresh the page):

      16:36:30,871 ERROR [http-bio-8080-exec-18][PortletRequestProcessor:466] Forward does not exist

      11. As long as you keep clicking a category to display documents in the asset publisher, each time you click one, this error is logged.


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