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Journal Content Search is not able to find Global scope articles after staging to live site



      Steps to reproduce-
      A) Preparation on Live Environment
      1) Create a site "Live Site".
      B) Preparation on Staging Envrionment
      2) Create a basic web content in the Global Site (Liferay out of the box site), Title - "Test Content", Content - "Testing search functionality in staging/export publishing".
      3) Create a site "STG Site".
      4) Create a page "Page 1" in STG Site.
      5) Add Web Content Dispaly Portlet on Page 1.
      6) Select the web content "Test content" from Global site.
      7) Add "Web Content Search" portlet on Page 1, Search for keyword "staging", results will be displayed.
      8) Configure Remote staging for both Global Site and "STG Site" with live environment.
      9) Publish Global Site and then STG Site.
      10) Verify the published changes are available in the live environment.

      Actual Result :- Searching for keyword "staging" on Page 1 of Live Site displays "No pages were found that matched the keywords: staging"
      Expected Result: - The Search results should display the contents on Page 1


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