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After enabling local live staging, non-staged portlets cannot view their own dynamic data mapping structures



      After enabling local live staging, dynamic data definitions disappear. I think this is a bug because they should not disappear.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1) Start a clean 6.2 bundle
      2) Go to Control Panel > Sites > Liferay > Dynamic Data Lists > Manage definitions. Create a new sample definition.
      3) Go to the Configuration Menu > Staging > Enable local live staging and do not change any of the default configurations. Save.
      4) Go back to Dynamic Data Lists > Manage definitions.

      This is also reproducible if you create Web Content structures and deselect web content from the staging options, but select Dynamic Data Lists.

      The issue is that the Dynamic Data Mapping portlet gets staged when either Web Content or Dynamic Data lists are selected to stage. BUT, the non-staged portlet does not have it's structures carried over to the newly staged Dynamic Data Mapping portlet. Losing all references to it's previously available structures.

      This is especially apparent when the original structures fail XML validation, and cause a lar import to fail - but a user cannot view/edit/delete those original structures since they are in a different groupId.

      Expected: The definitions will appear.
      Actual: The definitions do not appear.

      Branch 62x - 2ee35345c8fc1a32db6ad2de6604c45ce366f180: Reproduced
      Master - 99659e285c10f46692af5ee1f0d9ea8d5c611cc7: Reproduced


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