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Bug LPS-46117 (When attempting to link documents in Resources Browser with staging, they will not display) is reproduced only if you follow some special steps



      LPS-46117 is reproduced for webcontent, only if you follow some special steps.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Environment set up:

      1. Create a site called "lps46117"
      2. Enable staging local live
      3. Create a page "home" and webcontent
      4. Publish from staging to live both page and wc
      5. At Staging, add a DM Basic Document Image (do not publish the image to live)

      The following steps will fail:

      1. Open live version of site: http://localhost:8080/web/lps46117/home
      2. Open "Admin" => "Content" in order to open webcontent control panel section
      3. Edit created webcontent
      4. At CKEditor, click the image link button
      5. Click Browse Server
      6. The Resources Browser window should appear then click Liferay
        1. Wrong behavior: There is no document displayed
        2. Expected behavior: The previous imported document is displayed

      The problem is not reproduced if you slightly change some steps:

      1. Open "Admin" => "Site Administration" instead using "Content" link
      2. Open "Admin" => "Content" from Staging version of site (
        http://localhost:8080/web/lps46117-staging/home) instead from Live version of the site

      I think problem is caused by &doAsGroupId=3420811 parameter that is added at "Admin" => "Content" link.


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