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The left menu at site administration is not correctly rendered for non-admin users


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      The left menu at site administration is not correctly rendered for non-admin users:

      • If you select a portlet with staging activated, all portlets will be rendered at menu
      • If you select a portlet without staging, only non-staging portlets will be rendered at menu

      This behavior is only reproduced with non-admin users of the site.

      After some debugging, it seems menu generation is doing some permission checking using Live groupid and gets confused.

      Reproduced at 6.2 SP10 and 6.2.x, following this steps:

      1. Create a test site and activate Staging with default options (WCM and DL => Staged / Blogs and Message Boards => Not Staged)
      2. Create a test user and add it to created site
      3. Create a regular role with configuration explained at attachment roles_that_reproduce_the_issue.html or import LAR Roles_Admin-201503091549.portlet.lar (it includes a rol called RoleStag with that configuration)
      4. Add test user to regular role
      5. Login with test user
      6. Open test site and click on: "Admin" => "Site Administration" => "Content"
      7. At web content, the four options with configured permissions are rendered
      8. Click on "Blogs":
        1. Wrong behavior: only "Blogs" and "Message Boards" are displayed
        2. Expected behavior: the same options than "web content" selection are rendered


        1. blogs_staging-not-activated.png
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        2. Roles_Admin-201503091549.portlet.lar
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        3. roles_that_reproduce_the_issue.html
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        4. web-content_staging-activated.png
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