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Resource block permissions not applied properly from the beginning: dummy save needed to apply them



      1. As Administrator, create a site SiteA and place a Bookmarks portlet on a page.
      2. Go to Roles, and choose "define permissions" for role Site Member.
      On the left, choose Site Administration/Application/Bookmarks.
      3. Set the following permission:

      Bookmarks > Bookmarks Folder: Add Subfolder

      4. Go to SiteA, and create a folder in the Bookmarks portlet, say, Testfolder
      5. Log in as UserA, go SiteA and click on Testfolder
      6. You will not see the option for creating a subfolder in Testfolder
      7. Log in again as Administrator, go to SiteA and click to the actions arrow next to Testfolder and choose Permissions. Note that for the Site Member role, the options are greyed out and cannot be changed. They are the same as the one we defined at step 3.
      8. Don't modify anything, just click save and close the window.
      9. Again, log in as UserA, go SiteA and click on Testfolder
      10. Now you will be able to add a subfolder




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