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Staging process fails when we delete a published DLFileEntry and create a new one that includes the file extension or we delete a DLFolder and create a DLFileEntry with same name



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create site and activate local staging
      2. Create a document from a file example.txt and make sure you set title=example (without .txt) for that document
      3. Publish to live
      4. Delete file example at Staging environment
      5. Create again a new document from the same file example.txt but now during set title=example.txt (with .txt)
      6. Execute publish operation from Staging to Live
        1. Wrong behavior: publish operation fail with error "DuplicatedFileException"
        2. Expected behavior: publish operation is successful and example is replaced with example.txt at Live environment

      There is a similar error with DLFolder, if you delete a folder called example and create a file called example at same place, publish operation will fail.

      All these issues are caused by validations at DLFileEntryLocalServiceImpl.validateFile, we should use methods from DLFileEntryLocalServiceImpl to check duplicates instead having a copy of that code at Staging functions because futures changes at validateFile will break staging.


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