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  2. LPS-53621 Calendar - Adding an event between dates doesn't show graph bar on some days
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In month view, events spanning into a Daylight Savings Time interval are not displayed at the last day of the week the DST starts



      In month view, events spanning into a Daylight Savings Time interval are not displayed in last day of the week the DST starts. It only happens if the first DST day is not the first day of some week. If more than one event spans through these days, then a "See more"

      The DST shift should occur in the browser's machine, not in the calendar time zone.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Change your local machine's time zone to one with Daylight Savings Time.
        • An option is to change to "Europe/Madrid" / Central European Time.
      2. Start up Liferay. Deploy calendar. Add it to a page.
      3. Go to the Calendar's cog menu () > Configuration
      4. Change the "Week Starts On" to Saturday - or, if the first day under DST is a Saturday, change to Monday.
        • This is needed because, in general, the first day under DST is Sunday.
      5. Click in "Save", close the dialog.
      6. Create two events. Both should start two weeks before the DST beginning and end two weeks after the DST beginning.
        • If you use Europe/Madrid, the events can start at March 9 and end at April 11 because DST starts at March 29.
      7. Go to month view.

      Expected results

      • The event would appear at all days from March 9 to April 11.

      Actual results

      • Either the event does not appear from March 23 to March 29, or it only does not appear at March 29.
      • A "See more" link appears at March 29.


      There are two possible actual results depending on the Alloy UI version used by your Liferay bundle. It is because another issue (LPS-54028) also affects these days. The AUI ticket have more deterministic steps.


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