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Web content list "title" column is set wrong status of current content



      This issue depends on LPS-47199
      1. Create a new regular role and assign it all the web content related permissions.
      2. Create a new user, and assign him this role.
      3. Log in as the new user, and go to the Web Content page.
      4. Create a new Basic Web Content article, and publish it. Version 1.0 will be created.
      5. Edit the published content and save it afterwards as a draft. Draft version 1.1 is created.
      Result: In the Home folder you see the 1.1 version, and in the Mine folder you see the 1.1 version as well. So this is fixed now.
      6. Open version 1.1 from the Home folder by clicking on its title.
      Result: You see actually the content of version 1.0, without the modifications made in draft version 1.1.


        1. fixed-54139-draft version 1.1.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        2. fixed-54139-draft version 1.1 created and viewed in Home.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        3. fixed-54139-draft version 1.1 created and viewed in Mine.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        4. fixed-54139-version1.0published.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        5. fixed-6.2.x-54193-draft1.1.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        6. fixed-6.2.x-54193-home.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        7. fixed-6.2.x-54193-mine.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        8. reproduced-54139.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        9. reproduced-54139-eidit-1.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        10. reproduced-54139-home-edit.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        11. reproduced-54139-mine.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu
        12. reproduced-54139-mine-edit.PNG
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          Sherry Zhu

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