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User is not able to publish draft ddl records with add Record permission



      Reproduction steps:

      1. There is a regular role, let's call it DdlManager
      2. The Role has the following permissions:
        Dynamic Data Lists: Access in Site Administration
        Dynamic Data Lists: View
        Dynamic Data Lists > Dynamic Data Lists Record Set: Add Record
        Dynamic Data Lists > Dynamic Data Lists Record Set: View
        Sites > Site: Go to Site Administration
      3. There is a regular user ("user1"), that has only the DdlMangager role assigned to
      4. The Administrator creates a Dynamic Data List based on a Data definition.
      5. "user1" Adds a record to the Data List as a draft!
      6. user1 tries to publish the previously created draft

      Issue: user1 is not able to publish the draft (s)he previously added.
      Reproduced on master.

      Solution by Marcellus:
      We could try check the update permission for a DDLRecord by checking if the record is in draft state and if the owner of the record is the same person who is trying to perform the action. I think we can do this checking on DDLRecordPermission class.


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