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DLFileEntry objects from the recycle bin are not published to Live until are modified



      The solution implemented for LPS-53853 does not resolve that issue for DLFileEntry:

      • With LPS-53853, during Staging publish process, we are searching modified objects filtering by modifieddate and statusdate
      • The problem is that statusdate does not exists at DLFileEntry level, it exists at DLFileVersion but Stagings works only with DLFileEntries.

      Note: Sometimes the DLFileEntry is restored if other object (webcontent or asset publisher) is related to it, because Staging publish the dependencies.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create site and activate local staging
      2. Add a DLFileEntry to Site
      3. Publish from Staging to Live
      4. Move DLFileEntry to recycle bin
      5. Publish deletion to Live
      6. Restore FileEntry
      7. Without any modification, publish from Staging to Live:
        1. Expected behavior: FileEntry is restored at Live
        2. Wrong behavior: FileEntry is not restored at Live


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