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Adding and Removing Site From Scope of Asset Publisher Does Not Update "ClassTypeIds" in PortletPreferences



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1) Start with a clean or existing instance of LR, with a clean or populated DB.
      2) Have the changes from LPS-53643 be properly added to your code base.
      3) Have an existing Asset Publisher which was suffering from the issue in LPS-53643. If your DB does not have this, follow steps 3a - 3f
      3a) Create a new site called Unrelated Site with a structure and corresponding template
      3b) Add an Asset Publisher to any site page aside from the one we just created
      3c) In this AP's configuration, add the Unrelated site to scope.
      3d) Click "Save" even if the page says it already did so.
      3e) Remove the Unrelated site from scope.
      3f) Click "Save" even if the page says it already did so. At this point your AP's configuration page should look unmodified - no changes from the new instance of the AP.
      4) Export the page.
      5) (to save some time rather than importing) Open the LAR file you just exported.
      6) View "Manifest.xml"
      7) Notice "Unrelated Structure" on the missing-references section. (This will make the import fail)

      In essence, we are attempting to export assets which are not a part of the scope, so the original issue from LPS-53643 persists.

      Reproduced in 6.2.x
      Not reproducible in Master


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