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Asset Publisher Portlet Preferences may be erased if no other sites within scope



      Caused by LPS-55121, this regression will erase any listed structure Ids in a portlet preference if the preference does not have a "scopeIds" preference. This happens if we have an asset publisher which has not added any sites to scope, but has structures within scope.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) Start a 6.2.10 SP10 LR instance.
      2) On the default site, create a structure and corresponding template
      3) Add an asset publisher to any page.
      4) Within that APs configuration, click "save" (nothing needs to be modified, only saved)
      5) View the DB for that specific portlet. The preference for "classTypeIdsJournalArticleAssetRendererFactory" will have the Id for the structure created. There will not be a "scopeIds" preference.
      6) Stop the server and restart, running the VerifyPortletPreferences class created in LPS-55121.
      7) Once the portletPreferences table has been verified, view the same row as we did in step 5.
      Expected Results: The row is identical before and after the verify process.
      Actual Results: The "classTypeIdsJournalArticleAssetRendererFactory" preference and corresponding value are completely gone.

      Reproduced in 6.2.x: 941e6c755c00327212d61498b2d7ece984f7f4c8
      Not reproducible in master because the changes from LPS-55121 are not in master.


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