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WC Admin User not able to see all of the WC Structures/Templates by default


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      Reproduction steps:

      1. Add a Regular role (WC Admin)
      2. Define permission for "WC Admin" role:
        1. Control Panel > Sites > Sites > Go to Site Administration
        2. Control Panel > Site Administration > Content > Web Content > Select Everything on this page
      3. Add a User (test2)
      4. Assign "test2" user to this "WC Admin" role, and deassign from "Power User'"
      5. Add a WC Structure
      6. Log in with "test2"
      7. Go to Control Panel

      6.2.10 SP10:

      1. test2 user can see and select Structure from Add Article button, however the you have "You do not have the required permission" error message appears

      6.2.10 SP11, 6.2.x:

      1. With test2 user, you can't see the structure.

      For the way as 6.2.10 SP10 works I found: LPS-54311
      For the way as 6.2.10 SP11 and 6.2.x works I found: LPS-31631, however:

      1. If a role was granted to a user(group) to see all of the structures, why are they not able to see those structures by default?
      2. Why the Owner of the Structure can see that Structure by default?

      Git ID 6.2.x: 49b0bf27f6fb88d5f7e71a1010081b3bd996e8e1


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