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Changing the Items per page option changes Number of Items to Display when using manual Asset Selection



      Reproduction Steps:
      1. Install Liferay 6.1 EE GA3
      2. Log on as "test@liferay.com" user, and add an Asset Publisher to he default page.
      3. In the Asset Publisher configuration page, select "Manual" in the "Asset Selection" field.
      4. Add at least 21 new web contents through the "Add New" button. (so the page controls will appear at the bottom)
      5. In the asset list available at the "selection" panel, set "5" at the "Items per Page" selector

      Actual Results:
      Asset Publisher changes the value of the "Number of Items to Display" option to 5 automatically.

      Expected Results:
      The value of "Number of Items to Display" should be handled separately.

      Reproduced with the customer's patches
      Reproduced with the latest patches for 6.1 EE GA3 (portal-36)
      Reproduced on 6.1.x (6fa6d5ba591251f13a571f8c4a7774ae1202e1cc)
      Reproduced on 6.2.x (06d8a6bc61d43f51ec640afdd1514a7dc6217814)
      Not reproduced on Master (84b1a6a6ab85476dbbc987b967a4acb4b8ffa0a3)
      On master LPS-42439 refactored AssetPublisher's view, and this is why it is not reproducible there. hash: b445f7266e0ace4561ebe81e0e3d306e348bd845


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