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Updating translations through API is losing the information about the folder of the original article



      Updating a web content translation through the API is losing its folder, this is causing that a new DRAFT version is created under root folder.

      The method that has the error is the next:

      com.liferay.portlet.journal.service.JournalArticleLocalServiceUtil.updateArticleTranslation(long, String, double, Locale, String, String, String, Map<String, byte[]>, ServiceContext)

      This is causing that in 6.2.x adding a translation through the WCM User Interface is losing the folder if you follow the next steps:

      1. Go to Site Admin - Web Content
      2. Create a folder, folder1
      3. Go into the folder and create a new basic web content and publish it
      4. Edit again the web content and try to add a new translation, eg for Spanish
        1. In the translation popup, do some changes in the content for that translation. Save the translation, this will close the popup.
      5. Don't publish this web content and go again to the Site Admin - Web Content

      Result: A draft version is found in the home folder - also you can edit this article and approve it and the result is that you have the web content listed in the root folder and in the folder1.

      Expected: The article should ever be in the same folder if it's not changed


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