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Email notification variables are lost for non-English Users


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Configure the portal instance to send mail to a designated email account
      2. Add a 'user1' who will use that email account
        • Make the User's language Spanish
        • Give the User an Administrator role
      3. Navigate to Admin > Content > Web Content
      4. In the portlet configuration, navigate to the 'Web Content Added Email' tab
        • In the tab, select the Spanish flag by the subject and body fields
        • Add something for each field, including some of the variables defined below the body field
        • Save
      5. Login as user1 and subscribe to Web Content admin
      6. Logout and log back in as test test
      7. Add a Web Content article 'wc1' inside the folder
      8. Navigate to the email account inbox and wait a minute or two
      9. The email will come with the Subject and Body fields defined in the configuration above

      Expected result:
      The variables will still translate into their English definitions.

      Actual result:
      They display as unparsed variables. See screenshot.


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