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My Account / My Workflow Tasks: task status does not refresh on the page, after task transition



      Reproduction steps

      1. 6.2, latest Kaleo Workflow plugin installed from Marketplace.
      2. create a user A. Create a regular role called Editor. Give A role Editor.
      3. Go to Control Panel/Roles/Editor/Define Permissions/ Site Administration/Content/ Web Content.
      4. Under General Permissions tick "Access in Site Administration" and View.
      5. Under Resource Permissions/Web Content tick "Add Web Content" and View.
        Basically we are giving A some permissions in order to be able to create web content articles and submit them for publication.
      6. Go to Control Panel/Workflow/Default Configuration and select Single Approver workflow for Web Content Article.
      7. login as user A, go to Admin/Content/Web Content/Add/Basic Content, fill something in and click "Submit For Publication".
      8. login as test@liferay.com ( Admin)
      9. Go to My Account/My Workflow Tasks and click on that task.
      10. Click Assign to me, then OK.
      11. Click Approve, then OK.

      Result: The operation is done and is successful, and the page re-renders. However, the Status is not updated on the page. It still says "Review".
      Expected: the page should be properly refreshed, and we should see "Approved" for status.

      Branch: reproduced
      Master: could not test. The My Account does not contain a My Workflow Tasks tab.


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