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With Nested Portlets inside Nested Portlets Drag and Drop Delegation listeners are not completely released



      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Start a Liferay bundle and log on as default admin
      2. Place a Nested Portlets portlet on the default page
      3. Place a Nested Portlets portlet inside the other Nester Portlets portlet
      4. Open the page without JavaScript minification (append "?js_fast_load=0" to the url)
      5. Start dragging the outer Nested Portlets portlet, so we're sure the Drag&Drop is correctly initialized
      5. Open the browser's Developer Tools (F12)
      6. Open the "Debugger" section
      7. Open the file dd-drag.js by choosing it from the file selector (the folder icon on the top left)
      8. Search for the first occurence of "_handleMouseDownEvent: function"
      9. Create a new breakpoint at the line that says "this.fire(EV_MOUSE_DOWN,

      { ev: ev }

      10. Edit the brekpoint's conditions by right-clicking the bullet on the left side of the line
      11. Add as the condition the following code: "console.log('dd-drag')", this will log to the console without stopping the execution of javascript
      12. Open the Developer Tools' "Console" section
      13. Click 5 times on the inner Nested Portlets portlet's body.

      Expected results:

      • Nothing is logged to the console
        This is the expected behaviour because the method "_handleMouseDownEvent" is detached by "Y.DD.Drag._unprep" which is called on "drag:mouseup" as set up in "Y.DD.Delegate.initializer".

      Actual results:

      • At the first click nothing is logged to the console
      • At the second click "dd-drag" is logged once
      • At the third click "dd-drag" is logged twice
      • At the fourth click "dd-drag" is logged three times
      • At the fifth click "dd-drag" is logged four times
        In total "dd-drag" is logged to the console 10 times.


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