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Message board email updates incorrectly display signature when post is added from Admin > Content > Message Boards




      When email updates for message board threads are enabled, the email signature will properly display when a post is added from the portlet. However, regardless of the portlet's configuration, when a post is added from Admin > Content > Message Boards the email signature will always appear as:

      [$COMPANY_NAME$] Message Boards


      For example:

      Liferay Message Boards


      Steps to reproduce

      1. Add message board portlet.
      2. Enable email thread updates for message boards.
      3. Change the default message signature (in Message Added Email and Message Updated Email) to anything else, such as [$FROM_NAME$].
      4. Add a new thread and subscribe to it, using a valid email account to check emails.
      5. Post a message from the portlet. The email update displays the signature as configured in Step 3.
      6. Post a message from Admin > Content > Message Boards. The email update displays the signature with the values for:
        [$COMPANY_NAME$] Message Boards

      Results of Testing

      Expected Result: Whether a post is added from the portlet or Admin > Content > Message Boards, the email update's signature should correspond to the portlet's configuration.
      Actual Results: When a post is added from Admin > Content > Message Boards, regardless of the actual signature's configuration the signature only contains:
      [$COMPANY_NAME$] Message Boards


      Issue is fixed in Master by LPS-43575 which cannot be back ported.
      This LPS is to track the unique fix to 6.2.x


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