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Image from default web content translation does not appear in newly created translations



      LPS-54512 enabled field values to propagate to newly created web content translations. It seems that this works properly for all field types except the image field.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a structure with a repeatable image field. Save structure.
      2. Create a template based on the structure from step 1. Save template.
      3. Create a web content article based off the structure from step 1.
        1. Add an image to the image field and save the article.
      4. Create a translation for the article created in step 3.
      5. Edit the article's default translation created in step 3.
        1. Add a new image field by clicking the "+" symbol on the original image field.
        2. Add an image to the new image field and save the article.
      6. Click the translation created in step 4. Click the "Show" link on the second image field. Note the broken image picture.

      Expected Results: The image added to the article's default translation after the new translation was added should display on the new translation correctly.
      Actual Results: A broken image picture shows in place of the image from the article's default translation.

      This is not reproducible in master.


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