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With Java 8 and Liferay EE 6.2 portal Asset Publisher will not load the article when user click on the article title



      Steps to Reproduce
      Below is the reproduction steps for your reference:
      1. Set up lasted Liferay 6.2.x, connect it to MySQL Database.
      2. Install Java 8 in and change JAVA_HOME of System Environment to point to Java 8.
      3. Boot up Liferay 6.2.x.
      4. Login as Admin and create a site name "Test Site" and a page named "Test Page" to the site.
      5. Navigate to "Test Site" and then Navigate to Admin --> Content --> Web Content --> Add --> Basic Web Content
      6. Add a basic web content name it "What is this content" with some text as the body of the article.
      7. Navigate to Test Page, and add Asset Publisher portlet to the page without changing any configuration to the portlet.
      Observed Behavior: Asset Publisher portlet displayed "What is this content" title with snippet of the article text.
      8. Click on "What is this content" article in Asset Publisher portlet.
      Expected Behavior: The whole article will be loaded for view.
      Observed Behavior: Asset Publisher still shows the snippet of the article rather then the complete article for view.
      After tested with Java 8, I then switch back to Java 7 and use the same steps for testing. I observed that at step 8 above, the complete article was loaded for viewing.

      NOTE: This issue only effect ee-6.2.x


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