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Users and Organizations is temporarily unavailable.



      "Users and Organizations is temporarily unavailable." Displays after trying to create a user (but not when creating an Organization). When executing "Reindex all search indexes." to update, all organizations are removed from "Users and Organizations" but still accessible via "Site" (if added).

      Pre to post error activities:
      I deleted all pre-populated users in the database (except the admin).
      I imported 13 users in the DB from another Liferay instance. (Did not show up in Users and Organizations)
      I deleted the 13 users in the DB.
      I deleted all pre-populated Organizations in the database.
      I added 10 Regular Organizations in the Portal. Successfully.
      I tried adding users (received error)
      Reindex all search indexes.
      Found Organizations gone.
      Tried adding users (received error)
      Site Admin -> users -> Site Memb. Clicked "Assign Organization," Found and added organizations.
      Tried to add users (received error)
      Added "Test Organization" successfully.
      Reindex all search indexes.
      Test Organization Gone.
      Tried to add users (received error)
      Site Admin -> users -> Site Memb. Clicked "Assign Organization" added Test Organization.
      Tried to add users (received error)

      Search for a solution. Came here.




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