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View permissions do not work correctly when upgrading from 6011 to 6012 to 62



      View permissions do not work correctly when upgrading from 6011 to 6012 to 62

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Start any version of Liferay before 6012
      2. Add a private page
      3. Add portlet to the page
      4. View permissions of the portlet to assert you see the guest role
      5. Add new user, give them membership to the private page
      6. Upgrade to 6012
      7. Navigate to the private page as an Admin user
      8. Change permissions on the portlet to remove the view option for site members (community members in 6012)
      9. Sign in as the user created earlier and navigate to the private page
      10. User can see portlet with "User does not have access to view this portlet" error.
      11. Upgrade to 6210 sp11
      12. Navigate to the private page as new user
      13. Assert you can see the portlet
      14. Sign in as admin
      15. navigate to permissions section of the portlet on private page
      16. Assert there is no guest role in permissions section and that site members do not have view permission
      17. Sign in as user and navigate to private page

      Expected Result: The Site Member will not be able to view the Asset Publisher
      Actual Result: The Site member is able to view the AP

      Branch 62x - 50ce17594730d38e749be015bf5b13ba6975e44e: Upgrading from 6011 to 6012 to branch 62x reproduced the issue.
      Master - 51072c452f30e600609847b9e30dbbc6fa441440: Can't test in master because upgrades from 6.0 to 7.0 are not supported.


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