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Wrong profile pictures in workflow notifications



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start a clean Liferay bundle.
      2. Deploy Kaleo & Notifications portlets
      3. Add the attached Kaleo workflow in the Control Panel: 2 Step.xml
      4. Go to Documents and Media -> Home -> edit and select your workflow for "Default Workflow for all Document Types". (Note: you can use any content type to reproduce)
      5. Create two users in addition: user1, user2 (you will need to log in with them).
      6. Assign them to Liferay site
      7. Add a profile picture to the default test user and a picture to user1.
      8. Add Site Content Reviewer Role to user1 on the Site.
      9. Add Site Owner Role to user2 on the Site.
      10. Upload a document and submit it for publication.
      11. Log in with user1.
      12. Check the notification, assign the task to yourself and approve it.
      13. Log in with user2.
      14. Check the notification.

      Actual Result: You will see the default test user's profile picture, but user1's name.

      Expected result: The profile picture should be user1's.

      reproduced on ee-6.2.x @ commit a5a05cdaf3fde688e8be5858f6338877161723e7
      reproduced on master


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