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Portlet title is not displayed if no custom, localiced title is configured



      If a portlet has a custom title, but not in the language the portal is being viewed, then the title is displayed.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • define portal languages
      • add a portlet to a page
      • configure a custom title for the portlet: i.e. "English"
      • verify that there are more languages for the custom title: i.e. "Spanish, Hungarian..."
      • verify that one of those languages has no value for the custom title. If so, remove the value: i.e. for Spanish
      • save the configuration
      • view the page the portlet is deployed in the language you configured a custom title. The title "English" is displayed
      • view the page the portlet is deployed in the language you removed the custom title, i.e prepending "/es" to the URL

      Expected behaviour???: because there is no title for that language, portal's or site's default title should be displayed
      Actual behaviour: no title is displayed




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