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After disabling localization on a field of an used structure, you can't see the field on any translated verisons of a WebContent (based on this structure)



      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a Web Content Structure with a text field which should be localizable
      2. Create a Template for the mentioned Structure
      3. Create a Web Content using this Structure
      4. Add a translation for the Web Content and publish
      5. Add Web Content Display portlet to an arbitrary page and display the recently created content in it
      6. Add a Language portlet and change the translation language
      7. Edit the Structure and change the text field to Localizable = No
      8. Click Edit on WCD portlet
      9. Click under "Available translations" on the translated version you created

      Actual Results:
      You can't see the Text field

      Expected Results:
      You can see the Text field

      Master is not affected by this issue, the root cause on ee-6.2.x was the unique fix on LPS-54530


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