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User is not initially taken to the latest layout revision that was created by another user



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new user and assign the administrator role to that user
      2. Create a new site and configure local staging with page versioning enabled
      3. Add a page to the site
      4. Add a portlet to the page and mark the page as ready for publication
      5. Add another portlet to the page so that a new page revision is created (dont mark this revision as a ready for publication, just leave the page as a draft)
      6. Login with the other admin user and go to the page

      Expected Result: The other admin should see the latest draft revision of the page

      Actual Result: The other admin sees the revision that was marked as ready for publication

      Note: Once the other admin makes their own revision or selects a revision from the history this issue no longer occurs


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