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At Staging process, deletions of Tags and Categories should trigger reindex of associated asset entries



      At Staging process, the deletions of Tags, Categories and Vocabularies does not trigger the reindex of associated asset entries.

      This bug was caused by LPS-50379:

      • We are disabling indexing system during Staging process and after that we only reindex the objects that we have published from staging to Live
      • The problem is liferay code at XxxxxLocalServiceImpl sometime execute additional reindex for related objects

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a site and activate Staging local
      2. Create a vocabulary called "Voc1" with a category called "Cat1"
      3. Create a tag called "Tag1"
      4. Create a webcontent and a document at document library and categorize them with both "Cat1" and "Tag1"
      5. Create a page and add to it the search portlet
      6. Publish all this objects to Live
      7. At search portlet execute a search at Staging and Live side with "Cat1" and "Tag1"
        • Output: both webcontent and document will be displayed
      8. Delete "Cat1" and "Tag1"
      9. Publish publish again from Staging to Live. Only deletion of category and tag will be published
      10. At search portlet execute a search at Staging and Live side with "Cat1", "Cat2", "Tag1" and "Tag2"
        • Staging behaviour: Cat1/Tag1 will not display any result at search as we have deleted both
        • Wrong behaviour at Live: Cat1/Tag1 displays both webcontent and document, even it was deleted.
        • Correct behaviour at Live: Live search should return same results than Staging

      This issue is related to LPS-56310 (same problem but applied to rename)


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