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FriendlyURLs for Journal Content Search so that users can guess urls for faster access




      • Shorten URLs.
      • Hide parameter names and values (Security reasons).
      • Make URLs human-readable and easy to remember.


      • Content editors
      • Final users


      • Reliability
      • Security
      • Ease of use


      • Reliability
        • Until now the URL was short enough for the the most restrictive browser.
        • The modularization process makes the parameter names and values of the query string very long so it was at stake to accomplish the browsers restriction related to URLs length.
      • Security
        • As part of the modularization process, it is required to send the JSP page path and name as a parameter. Using friendly URLs hides this information.
      • Ease of use
        • Power users can write the URL in the browser and go directly to the page without navigating through pages. This makes easier and faster to access to a page or a tab inside the page.
        • Easy to remember

      Only applies to the content that is already in the page. If you are searching for a content that is in the site but not added to the page then it won't be shown as a result

      • Patterns of friendly-urls:
        • /web_content_search
        • /web_content_search/search --> shows the UI to search for web content and its results
        • /web_content_search/search/keywords --> shows the UI with the results for the specified keywords
        • /web_content_search/targetPortletId/search --> shows the UI to search for web content of a specific target portlet

      Note: to test the last example, the following steps are required

      • Go into the configuration view of the journal content search portlet
      • Uncheck the option "Only show results for web content listed in a Web Content Display portlet."
      • Specify the "Target portlet ID"



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