The goal of this story is to provide the proper implementation of the new Liferay logical data partitioning strategy and remove the current support of the current sharding implementation.

      From now on, Liferay will remove its sharding support (physical partitioning) and will continue to supports its logical partitioning capabilities.

      Liferay will provide an administration tool that will allow you to:

      • For new users: move all the data associated to a portal instance
      • For users already using sharding: move the required control data.

      It is important to highlight that:

      • The output of the tool will be a bunch of SQL script files containing all the proper statements to populate the new schema and to delete the no longer required data from the current one
      • It is not the goal of the tool to support migrations among different database providers, so the scope of the tool is just limited to the database vendor you are using in your Liferay installation
      • It is out of scope to migrate a company's data to another schema with Liferay installed on it, so there are no collisions on tables data.

      Technical details will be provided on very Technical Task associated with the current story


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