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The date in taglib <input-date> is not display when nullable is enabled.



      When nullable="true" is present, the component does not display the date.
      This issue is similar to LPS-41621.

      Steps to Reproduce on Master:

      1. Navigate to or create a .jsp file that includes the taglib "liferay-ui:input-date". In this case, I used "article_search.jsp" located at portal/modules/apps/knowledge-base/knowledge-base-web/src/main/resources/META_INF/resources/admin/article_search.jsp
      2. Locate a liferay-ui:input-date in the file and add the attribute nullable="<%= true %>"
      3. Save the file and run gradle clean deploy on the knowledge-base-web directory
      4. Once it has completed building, navigate to Knowledge Base under Content in the portal
      5. Click on the Search icon in the upper right side
      6. Under the Date section, change the value from Anytime to Between
      7. Observe the date in the input field where you added the nullable attribute

      Steps to Reproduce on ee-6.2.x:
      I made and uploaded a test portlet for an easier reproduction.

      1. Deploy the attached portlet
      2. Put InputDate portlet to your default page
      3. Observe the date in the input field where you added the nullable attribute

      Expected Results:
      The input field should display the current date on load.


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