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Expiration Date gone missing when publish the content from Staging to Live



      1. Enable Liferay(guest) site local staging with checked web content, web content display portlet.
      2. In Staging site, create a web content named "Test Content 1", under Schedule tab, keep display date as what it is, and enable the expiration date and set the expiration time as 2 minutes after the display date.
      3. Go to home page, add a Web Content Display portlet to display "Test Content 1"
      4. Wait for 2 minutes, then refresh the "Page 1",
      Observed Behavior: The Web Content Display portlet displayed "Test Content 1" is expired.
      5. Navigate to Admin--> Content --> Web Content in "Staging Site".
      Observed Behavior: The web content "Test Content 1" does not show up Expired red label. That is because schedule CheckArticleMessageListener don't check yet. After CheckArticleMessageListener check, the label will be changed for Expired(data also will be update in journalArticle table).
      6. Publish the "Staging Site" to "Live Site".
      7. Navigate to Admin--> Content --> Web Content in "Live Site"(Let's ignore the step7, if we enable remote staging, in remote live site, you will see the behavior)
      Observed Behavior: "Test Content 1" on "Live Site" is not showing the expiration date. At this time, expiredDate value will be null in journalArticle table. If I won't execute publish to live in the future, the "Test Content 1" will be "approved".
      Desired Behavior: " Test Content 1" on "Live Site" should be expired as well because expiredDate has passed.
      8.Navigate to "Page 1" in "Live Site".
      Observed Behavior: The "Test Content 1" is displayed on the page.
      Desired Behavior: The "Test Content 1" should not be displayed.


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