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Web content structure field from a different site as a filter in Asset Publisher is not properly saved



      In Asset Publisher, when selecting web content structure field from a different site as a filter, it cannot be saved if there is no structure existed in local site.

      Reproduction Steps

      1. Create two sites: content and local
      2. On content site, add a structure "test" and add a date field
      3. Add a template "test" for structure "test"
      4. Create a "test" web content using "test" structure and select a date (July 10th) from Date field
      5. On local site, add a page and add an Asset Publisher portlet
      6. Configure the Asset Publisher as follows:
        Scope: Current Site (local), content
        Asset Type: Web Content Article
        Web content Article Subtype: test
        Check "Filter by Field"
        Click "Select" button
        In "Select Structure Field", select July 10th and click "Apply" button
      7. Click "Save"
        Actual Result: Although the message shows save is successful, but the filter is not effective
        Expected Result: the filter is working to filter out the web content according to the structure field.


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