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When creating a new entity the focus is not set to the first form input - IE10


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      Internet Explorer 10


      It's failing on all browsers again, so please check the description on LPS-42803 too.

      This ticket is about the IE10 part of LPS-42803.
      We have the commits on ee-6.2.x for more than a year, and some new fixes depending on LPS-42803.
      We've discussed it with Jonathan Mak , to open this ticket and close the original as that one fixes everything except IE10.

      Original descrption:

      When creating a new entity in Liferay 6.2.x (for example users, sites, folders, blog entries...), the cursor focus should be placed in the input so that the user can directly start writing the content without that extra click when the portlet is maximized or in a pop up window state.
      Places where this needs to be fixed:
      Asset publisher: when opening a pop up with a new entity's form from an asset publisher, the first input is not focused (tested with blogs, bookmarks, documents and web content)
      Polls display - add question
      Bookmarks - add folder or add bookmark
      Message boards - add category and post new thread
      DDL Display - add list > select (data definition) > add new data definition (fails)
      Blogs portlet - add new entry
      Web content display - add
      In the control panel
      Web content:
      add new folder
      add content
      manage structures - add new
      manage templates - add new
      manage feeds - add new
      Dynamic data lists - manage data definitions. - add
      Tags - add tag
      Categories - add vocabulary, add category
      Application display templates - add (any of them)
      Mobile device rules - add
      Users and organizations - add organization, add user, add location
      Sites - add
      Portal settings - "Name" should have the focus
      Portal instances - add

      Latest test results on the original ticket:

      Name Browser
      Asset publisher -add all IE10
      manage structures IE10
      manage templates IE10
      manage feeds IE10
      Dynamic data lists - manage data definitions IE10


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