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category navigator don´t close a web content



      In one child page I put a asset publisher with a list of web contents, without any category filter, in the left column and a category navigator at the right column.
      If I select one category at navigator in the right column it filters the list in the left column. Its ok and is the right situation.
      if I select one web content of the list in the left column and open this, I can see the content at left column and the category navigator at right column. When I click in one other category of the navigator, with the content opened at left column, I think that at left column must change de state displaying a list of contents of the category selected, but, the web content continues open and only can see the list if I go manually to de list.

      Is that a bug or clicking at category navigator must close the web content and asset publisher must display a list of contents of that selected category?

      It´s my first comunication, I would like to know how best practices I can use to contribute with liferay technology.



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