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Wrong coupon input in shopping portlet is propagated after updating correctly


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    • 6.2.X EE
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    • Util, Util > Shopping
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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Add a shopping portlet
      2. Add an item "item", set price to 10.00 and set Stock Quantity to 10. Save
      3. Go to "Coupons" within the Shopping portlet
      4. Add a new coupon
      5. Set Code to "10OFF"
      6. Set name to "Coupon 1"
      7. Set description to "10 percent"
      8. Set discount to "0.10" and Save
      9. Select "item" from the Categories tab
      10. Click "Add to Shopping Cart"
      11. Set Quantity to a number 1 < n < 10
      12. Type "ASD" or any miss-spelling of "10OFF" into the Coupon Code box
      13. Click "Update Cart" and it should produce an error and not apply the coupon.
      14. Now type "10OFF" into the Coupon Code box and Click "Update Cart"

      Expected Result: The discount should be applied and the Coupon Code box displays "10OFF".

      Actual Result: The discount is applied BUT the original "ASD" or miss-spelling is displayed and will error out if updated again.

      Master: Reproduced
      Commit id: 2685d2e821e5d09db854d7416426277bc0369002


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