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Solr: 15 seconds before docs available with example solrconfig.xml



      LPS-56424 made autoSoftCommit.maxTime configurable, however with a default value of -1 which inadvertently prevents soft commits from ever happening - and hard commits will only occur every 15 seconds, as per the default value of autoCommit.maxTime.

      Following LPS-47182, forced hard commits on every operation were discontinued for bringing severe performance hit, as observed in production. Instead, LPS-52173 introduced a default soft commit interval of 1 second favoring the Near Real Time Search approach described in https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/solr/Near+Real+Time+Searching. Even though this is now configurable, the former default value should be kept.

      For integration test purposes, the "PortalRunMode.setTestMode()" approach forces a hard commit on every operation and should be avoided, not only because of the performance hit on CI; since it's different than how production will actually run, business logic problems that would warrant an explicit hard commit after a specific operation may be missed. Alternatively, integration tests can account for Near Real Time Searching by using the IdempotentRetryAssert class to perform individual assertions.


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