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Site where Web Content article is from is not easily discernable



      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) Create a Web Content article under the Global Scope
      2) Create a Web Content article under the default Liferay Site
      3) Go to the Home Page and place a Web Content Display Portlet on it
      4) Select "Select Web Content"
      5) Select the Advanced Search option in the Search bar and select "Global" scope and search for the title of the article created in step 2
      6) Select for it to be displayed
      7) Check the Front Page and note that the article is displayed
      8) Select "Select Web Content" again

      Expected Result: The scope that the article is created under should be discernable through the "Displaying Content" message bar at the top.
      Actual Result: The scope of the article is not indicated anywhere and the article created under the Liferay Scope is the only one displayed.

      Tested in 6.2.x and reproduced
      Could not test in Trunk since I could not deploy the Web Content Display Portlet to the Page


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